The general condition apply for your use of our products, services or other related functionalities, technologies or other additions delivered by LitePaid, our API or in any other way. By using our products and/or services you agree with our general conditions. Therefore read this carefully.

The Definitions

'You' refers to the merchant, the direct user of our product.

'We' or 'Us' refers to LitePaid or the 2525 Ventures B.V..

'Payment' refers to the payment done from LitePaid to You

'Transaction' refers to the transactions done by Your customer to You

De Services

LitePaid is a payment processor. We make it possible to receive digital currency in any form within the 'Digital Currency' payments. You cannot purchase digital currency at LitePaid, exchange at LitePaid or use it only for the purpose of being a wallet. By using our services you give LitePaid permission to receive and to hold and send digital currency in your name. LitePaid will undertake any action required to obey the law.


To use our services you need to open an account at LitePaid. During this process of opening the account you are prompted for certain information. This information may include name, email address, telephone number and/or website. The information you provide must be accurate and complete. If these details change you must let LitePaid know this in time. It is possible that LitePaid later asks for additional information. This may be of everyone who uses our services under the name of your merchant, such as date of birth, tax identification or other government identifications, LitePaid may also obtain information from a 3rd party such as the verification or identification from a bank or government institute. LitePaid has the right to refuse or close an account if you do not provide accurate or complete information. During registration you will be asked to create a password. This password is your personal password for LitePaid. You are responsible for the security of this password. If action is taken under your name using your password, you are responsible for that.


You are responsible to provide the right information to the buyer of your product and/or service. This can be government-related, your terms and conditions may therefore not exceed any laws. Both the Dutch and European and international laws. This includes tax laws and regulation.

When LitePaid thinks it is necessary to stop a transaction with the purpose of the law, LitePaid is entitled to give your information to the beneficiaries, such as police, justice

LitePaid can not rule out that your information is obtained by 3rd parties. LitePaid undertook safeties measures to maintain the highest security possible.

For you to be able to offer the services it is possible that LitePaid shares your information with 3rd parties. Including but not limited to banks.

LitePaid has the right to use your company name for promotion. This means that we may show your listing on the website to show that you are a customer of LitePaid.


The service offered by LitePaid may be used only for the designated transactions

LitePaid uses transaction cost per transaction.

Your payments are paid in Euro. This is because LitePaid buys digital currency directly from you once a payment has been made in your merchant. LitePaid determined the rate digital currency/Euro at the time the payment is initiated. This rate may differ from rates elsewhere shown.

Payouts in Euro are transferred the next working day at 9am every day. Payouts in digital currency is every calendar made at 9am.

If you want to do a refund to your customer, you can. A portion or both is entirely possible. If you do not have enough funds in your LitePaid account, first fill up the necessary funds until the right amount is available.

Loss by agreed prices or other similar scenarios can not be recovered from LitePaid or the 2525 Ventures B.V..

Price per digital currency are shown on the basis of prices by

Both parties can cease cooperation without notice.