What is crypto-currency / digital currency?

Cryptocoins are decentralized, digital coins that can be used for the purchase of services and/or goods. It is a reliable and secure system which is very popular and therefore shows an exponential growth in both value and the number of users.

Almost 0% transaction costs

Receiving payments has never been so affordable. With current technologies it is possible to achieve the lowest transaction costs. Because of the cryptographic techniques the costs can be reduced to zero.

Fast international payments

Bitcoins can be transferred from Africa to Canada in ten minutes. In fact: bitcoins do not have a physical fixed location. So it is always possible to send them as much as you want, anywhere, without limits, delays or high transaction costs. There are no banks involved that need three days to get your money in the right place.

Anyone can create an account

There is no need to PCI compliance to get started. Anyone can create an account. Because of this, it has great potential.

Free publicity

Where the infrastructure is still under construction, every company will be noticed. Because the cryptocoins are still emergent and lots of people too. Now is the time to step in as a company.

Multiple signature

Bitcoin has also an option, which is not well known: the transaction can only be made when it is approved by a particular group of people. This is known as an "m-of-n transaction" ("m-of-the-n-transaction").

Transparent accounting

For many companies it is important to give clarity about information on their financial activities. Using Bitcoin offers you the the most clarity: interested people can retrieve all transactions from the network when you tell them about the Bitcoin addresses that your company uses.

Safety paying and receiving

The network verified every transaction. This means that no fraudulent payments can be made. At current payment systems money can be deposit back, such as Paypal and creditcards. This is very tedious for the seller and therefore unacceptable. This can not occur in cryptocoin payments. Once paid it remains paid.