Accept digital currencies easy and fast

Digital currency is the payment method for the future. Always fast and instant payments. Do you want to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoins or other currencies? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for your website or webshop.


Payments through digital currencies are fast, direct and no charge backs. This means for you that you are always ensured if you received a payment.


Every transaction costs 25 eurocents. Do you have many transactions? Please contact us for a special price.


After a payment has been completed you will receive a notice and you are able to send the product.

Worldwide range

You will reach the whole world with payments through digital currencies.


Received a payment? Every night we will send out open balances. If you choose to receive Euro we payout every monday. You can choose if you want the payout in digital currencies or euro.

Start accepting!

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There will be a fixed price when the payment is started. This price will stay exactly the same in the period of these 15 minutes, this so you will receive the required amount in Euro or digital curreny.


After each succesfull payment the transaction will show up in your dashboard. This transaction will be shown as "Paid - unconfirmed". After several minuts this status will change to "Paid - confirmed". This process is completely automated and will make sure we received the payment for you.